Men that hire the services of prostitutes treat them as mere sex objects.
I accept that it is very different for all women, some of whom choose willingly to sell their bodies, but in my case I was very much exploited by others a former sex worker, who wished to remain anonymous, told Sputnik.
There is a great divide in modern society between those that those who find prostitution a repugnant practice that should be always list of asian countries where prostitution is legal banned and prosecuted, and those who believe that the best way to tackle the problems associated to prostitutions is to legalize.And one of the main health issues facing sex workers is safety and violence.".Prostitution is a form of abuse, and prostitutes have traditionally suffered both physical and psychological harm.It has several elements, such as decriminalizing those who are prostituted, adopting a holistic approach and delivering enhanced support to women and making buying sex the criminal offence.In modern societies the issue of prostitution is far from being settled.Prostitution and human trafficking continue to be a problem that affects millions of women all over the world, even in rich developed countries.Are human trafficking and prostitution always connected?

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It is an approach to prostitution that has already been adopted in Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Northern Ireland, Canada and France.
He also supports the argument for the Nordic Model to be implemented across the UK and provided the conference with evidence-based trends and survey results from across the UK where elements of decriminalization have been piloted and lenient enforcement approaches having been tested: "According to our research findings, decriminalization is the model.
Women's Rights and Gender Equality Committee in the European Parliament, prostitution can hardly be separated from human trafficking and s exual exploitation.Cari Mitchell from a self-help organization of sex workers.National Ugly Mugs, a UK based campaign group working to end violence against sex workers.Pimps and license holders are taking advantage of being able to make more money by exploiting more women.There is a strong moral and ethical dimension to issue of prostitution.