The closest thing I could come to flirt local rating critical feedback, is that the jimping is a little rough for extended use.
This machete is an absolute beast!
We couldnt distinguish which was the real deal, and which was the mass produced version.
Shirogorov F3 : For lockup we have a titanium framelock with a steel insert.About 20 according to my eyeball.This knife is gorgeous, and the fit and finish are perfect!The Steelcraft series is a collaboration between Begg and.The Steelcraft version was that good.Replies: 0, views: 223, 17:17, replies: 0, views: 236, 19:20.Reate is a high end Chinese knife manufacturer.The Bodega carries as you would expect from a large full titanium folder.This makes the knife more comfortable to use.Its a testament to how far Chinese manufacturing has come.Powered by vBulletin Version.2.4 Copyright 2018 vBulletin Solutions, Inc.

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I would expect nothing less from a knife this meticulously machined.
Here it is almost a decorative element, providing a textural contrast, but at the end of the day this knife is designed for use and I find the super toothy jimping to be a bit irritating.
This full size version is quite large.The grinds are symmetrical, the milling is crisp, and the satin finish is lustrous.The hollow grind gets thin behind the edge, and the knife slices neatly.The Bodega comes with a S35VN blade.This one works well, and visually its a unique detail.Replies: 0, views: 615, 17:25, replies: 0, views: 191, 16:52.The flipper tab is prominent.Todd Begg is a brilliant knife designer, and the folks at Reate knocked it out of the park.Generally speaking this is a comfortable knife.

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I can guarantee you will not find a sin.
The knives look technically perfect, but the designs are largely forgettable.