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At the time of writing, there were just four three-door Sierra Cosworths for sale on Pistonheads, with the cheapest at 45,000.
That whale-tail wing isnt just for car-park posing, you know.
But few, if any, Sierra RS Cosworths are daily-drivers today; skyrocketing values have seen to that.Its closest rival was perhaps the original E30 greek escorts BMW M3: another homologation special born for the racetrack then tamed what escort mean in spanish for the road.If youre looking for an investment, a three-door Cosworth is up there with the best fast Fords.He said: Late at night, when all I wanted to do was to get home, it would be sitting there, angry and spoiling for a fight.The.0-litre engine uses a Garrett T3 turbocharger to boost output to 204hp, or 224hp in the RS500.Dont buy without a comprehensive service history there are plenty of obsessive owners out there and check the VIN number on the chassis matches the logbook (V5C).If, like us, you grew up reading.Pub fact, the Escort Cosworth replaced the Sierra in 1992, and was actually based on the Sierra Sapphire Cosworth 44 chassis rather than the Mk5 Escort it resembled.What engine does it use?A family hatchback with near-supercar performance (in its day the Cosworth broke new ground.

Power from the YB engine was increased to 220hp and the whale-tail made a comeback albeit as an option.
Get past the inevitable turbo lag and it blasts to 60mph.5 seconds.
Today, this turbocharged hot hatch is a bona fide classic car, with mint examples of the limited-edition RS500 nudging 100,000.A Cosworth should definitely be kept garaged all year round, though; thieves prey on fast Fords, and Cossies are notoriously nickable.What are its rivals?The Sierras bodykit is fairly adept at hiding corrosion, too, so get your knees dirty and poke around underneath the wheelarches and rear suspension.Ironically, values for the two cars arent that different today, and both command a cult following.The Sierras closest descendent, the new Focus RS, has 350hp.Depressingly, the four-door Sierra Sapphire Cosworth is heading in the same direction.The gearshift is a little rubbery, the steering slightly slow-witted, but theres no shortage of feedback.Open the Sierras louvred bonnet and phwoar!But do us a favour and take it for a blast occasionally.