Potential employers have a legal right to run a background check on you, and if it reveals criminal activity even a single charge for soliciting prostitution you may not get a job.
Texas Penal Code.02 -.06 says that such a crime arises when a person knowingly engages in or offers to engage in sexual contact for payment, or when persons solicit such sexual conduct in a public place.
Oftentimes, well see a judge impose a 12-month underlying sentence and suspend that sentence in lieu of a probation contract. .Skilled, knowledgeable and experienced, houston sex crimes lawyer, neal Davis and his legal team stand ready to help you.In that case, punishment involves a fine of as much as 4,000 and up to one year in jail.The solicitation charge can be enhanced by solicitation of prostitution to a minor or solicitation of prostitution to a person infected with radar detector escort x80 a sexually transmitted disease.Have brothel newport road cardiff you or a loved one been charged with soliciting a prostitute in Harris County?What Are the Consequences of Soliciting Prostitution?

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For first-time defendants with no prior convictions, provided no aggravating factors such as violence are involved, soliciting prostitution is a class B misdemeanor.
Do I Need a Lawyer?For instance, if the prostitute being solicited was less than 18 years old, the crime of soliciting prostitution is a second degree felony.Paul: Under the new law, if it is your first offense and you have no prior prostitution related offenses, youre now facing a class-A person misdemeanor offense.Besides jail time and hefty fines, soliciting prostitution has other long-term consequences for those facing such a charge.That's why undercover law officers posing as prostitutes can arrest and charge would-be johns.After finishing their community service, defendants then could have their case dismissed and their criminal record cleared.The mandatory minimum penalty must be a 2,500 fine in addition to any other sentence imposed.The Maximum Penalties Can Include a 2500 Fine and a 12-Month Jail Sentence.

But the extent of the charge and its punishment depends on the circumstances.