is prostitution legal in south korea

A representative of sex workers wipes her tears after listening to a judgment at the Constitutional Court in Seoul, South Korea, Thursday, March 31, 2016.
Sex workers demonstrate against police crackdowns in Seoul last month.
As bad as prostitution may be, it kelly wells whore cant be as bad as the 18,351 reported rapes and sex crimes, 1,374 murders, 6,351 robberies, and 256,423 burglaries among 590,087 violent crimes committed here in 2009, according to Koreas National Police Agency.
From being the most popular red-light areas, Cheongyangni 588 has become a construction site Al Jazeera.
On a recent day in early spring, the streets in Cheongnyangni were mostly empty, save for a few shoppers passing through and a group of three stylishly dressed young men using iPhones to take photos of the wreckage.Most of these efforts are going ahead smoothly, however, local media have described the case of Cheongnyangni as the last of the red light district wars regarding the possibility of conflict between developers and brothel owners who dont want to vacate.It is unpopular in rhetoric but quite popular in reality.Nevertheless, with less than a year to go before the hordes of athletes, media and dignitaries arrive, several projects to clean up the capital are underway.Should Korea legalize prostitution?It isnt the governments business what you do with your time and money, as long as you are not directly harming others.We open late and close early Ann (named changed to protect identity the sole sex worker in the shop, told Al Jazeera as she continued to look past the windows for any approaching customers.His job was to supply brothels with condoms, tissues and other items.That leads me to a second main reason I support legalization or decriminalization: Prohibition is an attack on the individual freedom and economic liberty of consenting adults.

By Casey Lartigue,.
Despite denunciations, crackdowns, public humiliation, arrests and punishment, prostitution remains quite popular here.
After trading debating points, we are left with the key question: Should adults who arent directly harming others be allowed to engage in activity (even when others disagree)?Ahn Chang-hye, by Ahn Chang-hye, the writer has worked at a support center for victims of sex-trafficking and is currently working on her masters thesis in sociology at Chung-Ang University.The eviction of sex workers here started in 2016.Looking at the sex trade, it is obvious that women and children make up the overwhelming majority of people selling sex, while men make up the vast majority of buyers.The conversation was cut short as she spotted a middle-aged man looking into the shop from across the pavement.In this neighbourhood, the writing albeit spray-painted is already on the wall.As part of Seoul's development plans, Cheongyangni 588, is set to make way for residential buildings.Near the citys main train station, an old elevated road is being turned into an eco-friendly walkway that, once completed this year, will be a tree-lined pathway connecting nearby buildings.The 2004 legislation drove thousands of sex workers in traditional red-light zones out of business in South Korea, but prostitution has still thrived in the shadows.The Constitutional Court decided to uphold a provision that makes it a criminal offense to voluntarily sell or buy sex, punishable by up to a year in prison or a fine of 3 million won (2,600).

Prostitutes are less likely to call law enforcement when they are abused, beaten or cheated, and cant go to court to have contracts enforced.