You will see army and police personnel with machine guns occasionally.
Resort guests are invited to enjoy communal onsite amenities like pools, spas, restaurants, activities, excursions and shops, and stay the night in luxurious private rooms, villas or apartments.
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Indeed, most gringos are amazed at the considerable lack of road accidents here, compared with their daily brighton brothel montpelier road experiences back home.Accommodation, flights, flight Hotel, car rentals, airport taxis.In older parts of town, one section of sidewalk was built first, but later land-owners on either side decided to make their sidewalks a little higher, or lower.So forget about suing the restaurant that served you the steaming hot coffee you ordered and then spilled on yourself, causing 3rd-degree burns.

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Well, in Puerto Vallarta, they are not always level, even, or flat.
Here's another bit of good news regarding safety in Puerto Vallarta that was somehow ignored by your local newspapers in favor of more grizzly news: The leading global investigative and security firm Thomas Dale and Associates found in their 2012 report that Puerto Vallarta continues.Even "happy drunks" tend to lose more inhibition than they should, leading them into places or situations where any sane and sober person would never consider.Search resorts in Puerto Vallarta, this website uses cookies.Go easy on the salsas, at least for starters.Tourism is a huge industry for Mexico, the third largest generator of revenue in fact (behind oil and foreign remittances by Mexicans living abroad so the country in general and Puerto Vallarta in particular are very protective of tourists (even those tourists who live here.We know you're on vacation and ready to have a good time, but over-indulgence in alcohol is just plain risky whether you are here or back home.