Twelve percent of these women were prostitutes, but that was not the reason why they were banished from the United Kingdom.
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80 The population of the islands is estimated.They should be able to do the Block without being confused with prostitutes."Hawaii lawmaker submits bill to legalize prostitution".A b c Posmanick-Cooper, Lindsey; Rustick, Holly.Local authorities should develop guidelines for the sex industry.49 Prostitution normally takes place on Japanese, South Korean or Taiwanese fishing boats moored in the lagoons.Prostitution Law Amendment Act of 1992.87 Tokelau edit No known prostitution occurs on Tokelau.Child trafficking is a problem and many foundations are urging Fiji to crack down on child trafficking."Easter island Law" (PDF).Retrieved 6 February 2018.A hand written sign at the front of a house saying massage with no other details.

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Many international fishing boats, predominantly South Korean, anchor off Tarawa and young women, some as young as 14, are transported to the fishing boats by smaller craft or by the boats that unload the fish from fishing boats.
The use of condoms are mandatory.
"Summary Offences ho ho whore Act 1988".The Prostitution Act established a new process of declaring a building as a prohibited brothel.Condom use was proof of the then criminalized prostitution.In 1909 a campaign was started to introduce CD Acts (Contagious Diseases Acts) after the English example.From 1870- till World War I the authorities tried to clear the streets of prostitutes.27 The laws are rarely enforced.Occasionally youll see a creepy looking man sneaking in or out.