Probably about two weeks ago, a page dedicated to people of her country stumbled on her profile, said she was beautiful in a DM, and asked her to submit a pic.
Lanas Nickname: The Fitness Vixen!
Source: @ kaisafit Fitness icon Kaisa Keranens Instagram videos are everything.
I love my body for what it CAN.
But I was miserable.(If eating too much guac is wrong, I dont want to be right.).(Is it bad that I want everything from their closet?!).Our bodies thank us for moving with the release of feel good endorphins.Source: @blogilates, cassey built her entire fitness empire with blood, tears, and literal sweat.Source: @ basebodybabes, the coolest thing about this account is the.What do you look for in a social media fitness account?

Talk about girl power!
Plus, she blogs about her favorite hair products a gal after my own heart!
The Sisters Favorite Summer Treat: These Fruit Veggie Popsicles!
Gone are the days of tracking my steps and dragging my tired body to the gym on Monday mornings.A Fitness Tip Straight From Sarah: EAT more of the right foods.Regardless, I think the narcissism and attention craving, while only natural attention whore syndrome in any of us to an extent, can negatively affect someone over time.A couple other guys thought it was disrespectful that she entertain the attention and advances of men whose intentions are all but clear.She used Instagram very sparingly, and had a private account for friends to see.Ive replaced working out with rewatching my favorite Netflix shows and figuring out exactly how many times a week I can get away with eating chips and guac.Just seeing their posts on my feed makes me want to grab a workout buddy and get to the gym asap.Walking instead of driving, taking the stairs, investing in a bicycle, or having a catch-up with friends over something active like a yoga class or a walk in the park.Source: @rrayyme Remi stresses the importance of supplementing your summer workouts with clean eating.

This certified personal trainer specializes in weight loss and group training.
My body is so much more than how it looks.