It seats about 100 and plays hardcore adult films, with live performances as an added perk.
Northside also has a high lesbian population.
Venue Type: Night Club, single males not allowed.The main street is Fitzroy which is lined with cafes, pubs, and restaurants serving an array of cuisines that highlight Melbourne's multicultural heritage.Dendy Adult Cinema Complex - which is located in the Chinatown area.Melbourne hosts year-round events for the lgbt community, with the biggest ones held in the summer months.Screen one plays bisexual adult movies, while screen two plays straight adult films.The nightclub scene used to be concentrated on King Street, and while the area remains popular with its huge disco-style venues, Melbourne now has a menagerie of hidden bars and clubs.

Grey Street runs southeast between Barkly and Fitzroy.
Venue Type: Various, stilettos Swingers Parties.
Customers in vehicles, known as gutter crawlers, are considered by travel escort meaning locals as a major nuisance.
Kilda became famous for its bohemian style, specifically during the 1960s, attracting young artists who took advantage of cheap housing.Police operations in St Kilda are focused on sex workers and their clients.There are officers in marked police vehicles as well as undercover officers who conduct entrapment operations.The Midsumma Gay and Lesbian Festival is celebrated annually in January and February.For the clients of street sex workers, the first offense involves a penalty of up to 1000 or one month imprisonment.The social status of St Kilda declined during the twentieth century and the wealthy decided to leave Grey Street.Authorities can impose a fine of up to 3000 or three months imprisonment.It is highlighted by art events, a ball, and a street parade.Today, prostitutes are operating on the streets of St Kilda 24/7.

Venue Type: House Party, single males allowed only on Fridays.