The law states that anyone is allowed to formally ask the police to reveal whether anyone with access to a child has a criminal record for child sexual offences.
ZIP code, address, or school name.
Our website was created as a tool to give survivors of child sexual abuse a voice and a platform to name their abusers.
You can search.If you want to know whether theres a sexual offender or paedophile the brothels in your area, theres a simple way to find out.The scheme allows any member of the public to submit an application if they have a concern about a persons access or contact with a child, specifically regarding child sexual offenders.We do not act on hearsay!Our database also tracks and investigates convicted offenders and runs updated locations or developments on each offender.Family Watchdog makes it easy to quickly check out your current or future neighborhood for free.OUR Facebook page has been deleted.Scotland has a similar scheme called Keeping Children Safe.The law has come into place thanks to campaigning from the mother of Sarah Payne, who in 2000 was abducted and murdered as an eight-year-old girl by a paedophile who had already been convicted for abducting and indecently assaulting another young girl.And while a background check might be helpful, the advertisements are certainly annoying.

If you was abused or know someone that was, and you want the offender named publicly on the largest most concise database that covers the UK and Ireland, then please get in touch, by filling out the contact us form on the website.
You simply have to call 101 to make a request or go to your local police station.
This is due to the passing of Sarahs Law, which has now come into action.
So if you notice the house coyote decriminalize prostitution down the street is on the list, you can click on that result to see a name, photo, and physical description of the offender who lives there.The main aim of our database is to spread awareness about those that commit horrendous acts against children.Anybody can search their area/town or look for a certain offender by simply using the search bar.Paedophile murderer Roy Whiting's minimum jail term reduced 1/2, pA 2/2, pA 1/2, pA 2/2, pA 17 days later, her body was found 15 miles away, near Oulborough.Sarah was kidnapped when she was playing hide and seek with her siblings in her grandparents garden in Kingston Gorse, West Sussex.You can also ask for a Child Sex Offenders Disclosure Scheme Form (Sarahs Law or Form 284.You can also check out the charges filed to see how serious the crime was.We have written up thousands of cases which have never been in the media.Read more, mother happy after paedophile who killed her daughter executed.Every case we show, we have evidence which states that the conviction was made in a UK court of law.