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Flatbed truck driver pay average : 47,890, flatbed Trailers Freight can vary greatly from heavy equipment, finished products and even industrial machinery.
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Most pilot car drivers work for themselves in their own companies.
These tarps are heavy and hard to work with for the average person.
When you factor into the equation the maintenance and fuel costs of keeping this extra unit going it hurts the bottom line numbers of your profit.The top 10 percent of drivers make over 100,000, while the bottom 10 percent earn less than 30,000.Or how is the economy?The work can be physically demanding as each driver must unload his trailer by hand.The profit for LTL companies is higher than long haul companies and allows them to pay higher wages to their drivers.You will be required to know exactly how to operate these trailers in order to get hired on as a oversize truck driver and paid more money.Salary Comparisons, escort drivers earn an average of 56,000 a year.However, it is an important job nonetheless and its one you can easily get if you are interested.Truck Info: Pilot Car Network, another good place to advertise as a pilot car driver.But if these carriers dont have work they will look for it in the next place they can specifically targeting oversize loads which will again create a shortage.Editor's note: The following recent article from the Bellingham Herald shows that while the requirements for getting the job are not all that burdensome, the position does carry a lot of responsibility: Pilot car driver 'horrified' by bridge collapse.

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Before you think it, of course frost laws involve only heavy haul freight.
This means moving slowly so that the wide load truck can keep up with you and this also means having maps and knowledge of the road.
These are cars that travel in front of wide body trucks which are carrying things such as mobile homes and aircraft wings.Food service truck driver pay average : 60,000, food Service industry: Food service industry drivers make deliveries to restaurants and other food related establishments.Flatbed truck drivers must secure their loads using special strapping equipment.This a store where you can buy all the equipment youll need to become a pilot car driver.Qualifications / Requirements, generally, you need to have a drivers license at the very least in order to become a pilot car driver.Depending on the load and the roads being traveled, more than one escort vehicles may accompany the load, with one in front and one behind.

When escorting tall loads, the escort vehicle is called a pole car, and is equipped with poles to ensure the cargo doesn't get snagged on overhead wires.
Trucking companies that have a smaller corporate structure such as long haul trucking companies tend to have a higher turn over rate than large corporate drivers.