The serial number began JH2PC070*DM100001.
It was the result of a joint effort with the Rover Group that provided escort mpa shotgun review Rover with the 600 series, and an Accord that was unique to independent escort southport Europe.
The exterior sheetmetal was unique to the Ascot, with cosmetic differences provided for a different look, befitting the Ascot's upmarket role as the top-of-the-line model of Honda Primo, which sold small, entry-level products.That meant, however, that the Honda Primo network needed an Accord-based compact sedan for the dealership channel.In Japan, the smaller G20A engine used regular grade fuel, while the larger G25A engine used premium grade fuel.It was the result of shared efforts with British partner Rover Group, and the car was sold as the European Accord, which was made in Swindon, UK and marketed in Europe as Honda Accord instead of the North American version.Cruisers look good with chrome.Here's a Honda promotional video introducing the Ascot FBT-i.It shared engine technology with Hondas VT cruiser lineup and was fielded as a middleweight sport mount.Honda VT500FT Ascot 1984 Honda VT500FT ascot in Black 1984 Honda VT500FT ascot in Black 1984 Honda VT500FT ascot in Black 1984 Honda VT500FT ascot in Black 1984 Honda VT500FT in Candy Bourgogne Red 1984 Honda VT500FT in Candy Bourgogne Red 1984 Honda VT500FT.The, honda, vT500 was more commonly known as the.

The Ascot isnt confined to life in the fast lane or to patrolling the boulevards.
Like the Inspire, Vigor and the even larger Honda Legend, the CE Ascot had its engines mounted longitudinally, contrary to the Accord and most other FWD cars, employing the transverse setup, thereby placing the weight of the engine aligned and behind the front axle and.
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Technically, the Ascot was identical to the Accord sedan, and the interior, including the dashboard, was shared with the Accord.You could actually say it the other way around since the 'S' didn't come out until a year after the introduction of the '83 Ascot VT500.The first generation produced two versions based on the.Ascot Innova ct casino escorts (CB3/4) edit Launched on March 5, 1992, the ( Japanese : Ascot Innova ) was also based on the CB Accord underpinnings, but was given an all-new, modern-looking and rounded body, with styling similar to the Honda Prelude BB4 series (19921996).Furthermore, due to the lengthwise installation of the five-cylinder engine, and the requirement that the overall length of the car comply with Japanese government regulations concerning cars classified as "compact compromises were made with regards to rear passenger accommodations, and sales suffered as a result.The serial number began JH2PC0708CM000019.The transmission was a 5-speed.The Ascot emphasizes it's aluminum parts more by painting much of what's chrome on the Shadow, black.High tech pizzazz, wrote one wide-eyed journalist.

A pair of skinny 18-inch wheels (a.25-inch rear and.5-inch front) came from the factory wrapped in Bridgestone Mag Mopus tires.
In March 1992, Honda presented an all-new Honda Ascot Innova (see below while the regular Ascot was replaced by an all-new model in 1993.