Laid down, launched, Transferred to RN and prostitution legal country in asia commissioned in RN service as HMS Patroller (D07) Designation changed from AVG to ACV ; changed from ACV to CVE, both prior to commissioning.
That same day, the ship was renamed HMS, chaser and commissioned by ava blue escort the, royal Navy.
Renamed Hong Kong Knight in 1967.Served exclusively as a transport in the Pacific.Armor: None, power plant: 2 boilers (285 psi 1 steam turbine; 1 shaft; 8,500 shp.Back To Top Copahee ex merchant Steel Architect AVG 12 - ACV 12 - CVE 12 - cvhe 12 Photos: During wwii danfs History Built by Seattle-Tacoma, converted at Bremerton Navy Yard.

Scrapped in Taiwan starting 5/1974.
Charger officially was a one-unit class in US service.
Served as ASW carrier and transport in the Atlantic for most of the war, then escort services columbia sc as training ship, then transferred to the Pacific.Scrapped in Taiwan starting 4/1976.Laid down, acquired by USN, launched, transferred to RN as HMS Pursuer (D73), commissioned in RN service Designation changed from AVG to ACV prior to commissioning.Outfitted as a strike/CAP carrier, but also served as a transport carrier and a training carrier.Back To Top Cordova Lend-Lease as HMS Khedive (D62) AVG 39 - ACV 39 - CVE 39 Photos: HMS Khedive danfs History Built by Seattle-Tacoma.Nominated to provide air cover during passage of outward Russian Convoy JW57 during passage to Kola Inlet (Operation FX).Scrapped in Taiwan starting 2/1974.World Aircraft Carrier Lists Main Page: long Island/HMS Archer class escort aircraft carriers, displacement: 16,620 tons design full load (12,860 tons in RN service).

3 They had the capacity for up to eighteen aircraft which could be a mixture of Grumman Martlet, Hawker Sea Hurricane, Vought F4U Corsair fighter aircraft and Fairey Swordfish or Grumman Avenger anti-submarine aircraft.
Scrapped in Spain starting 1/1971.
Back To Top Croatan ex merchant Lend-Lease as HMS Fencer (D64 - R308) AVG 14 - ACV 14 - CVE 14 Photos: HMS Fencer danfs History Built by Western Pipe Steel.