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They were replaced with boring, less entertaining alternatives although Ford did release one more swan-song, the Escort RS Cosworth in 1992.It was available from 1992-96 and in very limited numbers.It can be fitted to other gearboxes as well or a complete gearbox from a RST can be fitted.Several years ago prices fell like a stone but timing and money wasnt on my side and it seemed.Spot lights have been removed as preference but come with the car and all original fittings.Recaro seats were the latest fashion accessory, and even the body decals were somewhat cool.Motorsport, the car was to be Ford's new rally car, and very successful it became with its total victories amounting to.It ran until truck stop prostitutes 1990 but due to the increase of hot-hatch car thefts and rising insurance premiums Ford eventually killed off the RS Turbo as did many other versions by manufacturers in the same boat.All gearboxes will fit to other engines, but if you are going to swap from 4-speed box to 5-speed you will run into clearance problems at the left hand side of the engine bay.Suspension and, engine notes are located at the bottom of this page.Dec 5, 2009Steve Bell, subscribe to Motor Trade Insider by Email.

Speaking of VW, whilst the original GTI was boasting its credentials, Ford came along with a little extra punch and started the mainstream craze of turbo-charging.
Incidentally, my first job in the trade was with Ford and I distinctly remember harking after an Escort RS Turbo.
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Tommi Makinen (who took his maiden event victory for Ford.They were so significant in their respective eras that Ford had successfully created a brand that like VWs GTI, is still going strong all these years later.Tie bars were adjustable, so caster angle could be adjusted.Despite this, the now-modified RS Cosworth was used by Ford as their factory crossword clue male escort rally car until it was permanently replaced by the Focus WRC for the Monte Carlo Rally of 1999 World Rally Championship season.Several years passed and I still hadnt been in a position to buy one although I still promised myself that one day I would own an RS Turbo.Permanent four wheel drive with a 34/66 front/rear split came courtesy of an uprated five speed gearbox as used in the Sierra Cosworth.I was asked to drive one of their used 1988 examples from the showroom to the aftersales department which was five miles across town, and to add a little spice to my first encounter, it was pouring with rain.Comes with original dealer window stickers, number plates and factory sunroof.This beautiful example is standard throughout with no modifications at all, standard from Factory.

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