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War 25 Taxes 18 If You Were Stranded On A Deserted Island, Which Item Are You Embarrassed To Admit That Youd Want With You.
Socks Underwear 22 Name Something escort trailer brake parts A Teenage Girl Might Do If She Met Leonardo DiCaprio In Person.
Kiss 52 Hug 25 Name A Football Bowl Game.
People 52 Name Something Associated With A Genie.Pink 69 Red 15 Purple 14 Name A Complaint prostitution documentary hbo Someone Might Have About A Movie Theater Concession Stand.Hawaii 56 Disney World 17 Name Something Youd Buy For A Dog Youd Never Buy For A Cat.Bad Movie Villain 21 Name A Reason Why You Wouldnt Invite Your Partner To Your Company Holiday Party.Ham Chicken 18 Beef 3 Name Someone Whose Job It Is To Make Problems Go Away.Didnt Get Anything 80 Name Something You Worry About Before Falling Asleep At Night.Centipede Spider 32 Name A Color A Teenager Might Dye Her Hair That Would Annoy Her Parents.Spouse Name Something Kids Like To Throw At Each Other.

Wile E Coyote 44 Tom And Jerry 17 Name A Celebrity, Living Or Dead, Who Epitomizes Christmas.
Ketchup 58 Salt 28 Name Something A Man Might Do At A Bar That Hed Probably Get In Trouble For Doing At Work Drink 54 Flirting 16 Name Something People Find Under Their Sofa Cushions Money 80 Food 5 Name A Man, Past Or Present.
Snore 72 Dream 20 Name Something People Do When They Want To Look Better.Cook Dinner 48 Massage 17 Tell Me A Womans Name That Starts With The Letter K Kathy 25 Karen 13 Name Something A Caveman Might Use To Fight A Sabre-Toothed Tiger.Monopoly 49 Name A College That Smart People Attend.Ball 52 Name a sport that involves hitting a ball Baseball 72 Name someone who probably wouldnt be invited to Batmans birthday party Joker 41 Name a prop you would see in an Indiana Jones movie Whip 44 Name something you associate with Tinkerbell Peter.Decorate 45 Hire People 19 Name Something A Farmer Uses Which Might Cause An Injury.Police 44 Name A Reason A Person Might Not Have A Pet.Night Before Xmas 64 Scrooge 6 Name A Company That Makes Really Fast Sports Cars.Seats Moved 47 Radio Station 5 Name Something An Alien Would Report Back That Earth Has A Lot.