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The Grande Ile, its historic core, is a craigslist calgary escorts Unesco heritage site, and the Cathedrale de Notre Dame is a medieval masterpiece as impressive as its Parisian namesake, while the opera house can also rival its capital counterparts.
The centreground of the French wine industry (at least if you tiffany amany escort ask a local for their opinion) is a gateway to the flowing vineyards of the Gironde region, and a reasonable start point for a holiday on the lower portion of Frances Atlantic coast.Boarding the Rocky Mountaineer, you will travel in comfortable surroundings that perfectly match the breathtaking tour scenery outside of your window.Flights assume a one-hour journey to the airport, a two-hour check-in window, and 30 minutes to reclaim bags at the destination plus 30-minute transfer time for airports up to 15 miles from the centre and one-hour transfer for airports more than 15 miles outside.The country of France is home to a variety of delights from rolling hills and countryside to its famous gastronomy and wine.Grenoble is a gateway to the Alps (Photo: AP/Fotolia) How to get there: Taking the train avoids high airline baggage charges for ski gear, but loses marks in that you will still need sex finder to transport said equipment between Gare du Nord and Gare de Lyon.Elegant Lille (Photo: AP/Fotolia) How to get there: You cannot fly to Lille from the UK (the distance is too short though you could catch a plane to Brussels (BA from Heathrow) and retrace your steps by two hours.Strasbourg's historic core is a Unesco heritage site (Photo: AP/Fotolia) How to get there: It cannot boast a direct Eurostar link from London, but Strasbourg is still an advert for the joys of the French rail network, since you can be there in less than.Most dash to the pistes, but the Musée de Grenoble, with its pieces by Picasso, Matisse and Kandinsky, is worth a cultural detour, as are the views from the citys swarthy guardian Bastille hill.Verdict: plane Grenoble Train Plane Ferry Route Eurostar and TGV, change in Paris BA, Gatwick P O Ferries, Dover-Calais Return fare 154.50 114.50 Total journey time 8h45m 6h 11h Hassle factor 3/5 2/5 4/5 Whats the attraction?This makes our luxury train holidays extra special for the adventurous and discerning traveller.

Verdict: plane Bordeaux Train Plane Ferry Route Eurostar and TGV - change in Paris EasyJet, Gatwick Portsmouth-Le Havre, fast cat Return fare 141.50 47 103.50 Total journey time 8h30m 5h30m 12h Hassle factor 4/5 2/5 3/5 Whats the attraction?
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But it is difficult to look beyond the fact that it also boasts a direct Eurostar link, meaning that, if you live anywhere near London, you can be alighting at the citys Gare de la Part-Dieu terminus barely six hours after closing your front door.
Architecture in Nice (Photo: AP/Fotolia) How to get there: Unlike Marseille, Nice i s not on the Eurostar map, meaning a change in Paris and a trip of 11 hours if you go by rail.
All of our luxury train tours will surpass your expectations, such is Titan Travel's focus on attentive service, interesting itineraries and insistence on providing you with everything you need through your 24/7 access to a tour manager.To find out more about the rail holidays we offer, you can request or download our brochures through the Titan Travel website.And if you like a scenic route, the Brittany Ferries boat to Santander and a 400-mile, seven-hour road trip through northern Spain and Languedoc may seem like fun.So close to British soil that it is often overlooked, Lille is gradually lifting its head as more than a fork in Europes railway tracks.You can eat splendid seafood (including the regional speciality bouillabaisse) in the restaurants along the Vieux Port, analyse the history of Europe at the excellent mucem museum, and walk along spectacular coastal pathways in the near-at-hand Parc National des Calanques.For all our rail tours, we offer add-on excursions to make your getaway even more adventurous and these can be pre-booked before you set off on your holidays.Marseille was European Capital of Culture in 2013 (Photo: AP/Fotolia) How to get there: Quite the journey by ferry and car, Marseille is an easy hop by air, served by a range of London connections, plus an easyJet flight from Manchester and a seasonal Ryanair.Verdict: plane Strasbourg Train Plane Ferry Route Eurostar and TGV, change in Lille EasyJet, Gatwick P O Ferries, Dover-Calais Return fare.50.50 Total journey time 7h30m 5h30m 9h Hassle factor 1/5 2/5 3/5 Whats the attraction?Brittany Ferries, Portsmouth-Le Havre, fast cat.This article lays out your options including the re-energised Eurostar network, which, as of May 1, includes direct trains to Lyon as well.

In central France many British summer visitors head for the Loire or the Dordogne regions but if you travel further south, our favourite destination is the breathtaking Alpine region, home to the highest mountain in our summer programme, Mont Blanc, which towers above.
The capital of Alsace is France at (practically) its most easterly, so much so that the Rhine, on its eastern outskirts, marks the border with Germany.