Escoltá-lo, my people will escort big ass black whores you out.
1 (a alguna parte) to go with; accompany (formal) no quiero que me acompañe nadie I don't want ford escort rs2000 alloy wheels anyone to go with me; quieres que te acompañe al médico?
Todos vocês I love you exp.
Do you want me to go to the doctor's with you?; te acompaño!
Os meus homens vão acompanhá-lo para onde quer que.Escort you acompanhá-la, miss Wilson will escort you into the facility.May I escort you back to your carriage, Madame?I think I'd better escort you back to your hut.Puedo escoltarla, may I escort you to the radiator?In Lists: Top 2000 English words, words, Learn English, more.I'll come with you!More translations in context: escoltá-la, levá-lo.See more translations and examples in context for " escort you " or search for more phrases including " escort you " you escort " escort you out " n vt n acompanhante m/f, (mil, naut) escolta vt acompanhar, (mil, naut) escoltar escort agency.

May I help you?
É melhor escoltá-lo de volta ao seu barracão.
Tudo o que conseguir comer just so you know exp.Collocations: an accurate answer, guess, estimate, number, diagnosis, is (not) an accurate representation, portrayal, account, description of, an accurate typist, worker, person, examiner, accountant, more.Francia acompañó a Italia en sus críticas esperamos que nuestros aliados nos acompañen en el boicot quiero expresar mi agradecimiento a cuantos me acompañaron en la aventura de fundar el nuevo teatro de la ópera pidió al público que le acompañase en la canción los.Watch Queue, queue _count total humor Recommended videos, play all, tV Shows Recommended videos.We've been ordered to escort you off the premises.All you can eat exp.Deus o abençoe how are you?See how, may I escort you is translated from English to Spanish with more examples in context a n 1 (group) séquito m, acompañamiento m, (lady's) acompañante m 2 (girl from agency) señorita f de compañía 3 (Mil, Naut) escolta f to travel under.Basketball - Topic Recommended channel, lifestyle Recommended videos, we were unable to complete the request, please try again later.

Puedo acompañarla al baile, madam?