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Verb: discount "They discounted the theories." /audio/discount.
However, the pronunciation (i.e.
9 Some speakers, for example, would consider display as one of these words.
The same thing is true for console the verb derives from Latin consolare (to give solace while the noun derives from Latin consolidare (cf.The list of affected words differs from area number of prostitutes by country to area, and often depends on whether a word is used metaphorically or not.For instance, to combine is to put together, whereas a combine may be a farm machine or a railway car ; the generic noun is combination.Ogg misprint Noun: MISprint "There's a misprint in the book." Verb: misprint "He misprinted the word." /audio/misprint.See also list of Latin words with English derivatives.The verb secrete "conceal" probably derives from the noun secret rather than vice versa.8 Pronunciations vary geographically."Construct Define Construct at m".Ogg refuse Noun: REfuse "The refuse collectors are on strike." Verb: refuse "He refused permission." /audio/refuse.Many of these have first syllables that evolved from Latin prepositions, although again that does not account for all of them.Nouns derived from phrasal verbs like the following are written solid or hyphenated : hand out, drop out, hand over, crack down, follow through, come back.As a verb, remember to rec รณ rd the show!

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And that will make him acquainted with thirty or forty beaux.
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(This is an example of a suprafix.) This process can be found in the case of several dozen verb-noun and verb-adjective pairs and is gradually becoming more standardized in some English dialects, but it is not present in all.Verb: refund "We'll refund you." /audio/refund.For some other speakers, however, address carries stress on the final syllable in both the noun and the verb."Conscript Define Conscript at m".Ogg rebel Noun: REbel "He was a rebel when he was younger." Verb: reBEL "He rebelled against authority." /audio/rebel.