Ordonnanzoffizier aide-de-camp Ortskampf combat in towns, urban warfare.
Call us before any other company for any or all of our services.
Feldgendarmerie Field Gendarmerie or "Field Police the military police units of the Wehrmacht.
Also an element in such compounds.
Can also be used for any national army.Z edit Z-Plan (or Plan-Z) was the name given to the re-equipment and expansion of the Kriegsmarine (Nazi German Navy) as ordered by Adolf Hitler on The plan called for 10 battleships, four aircraft carriers, three battlecruisers, eight heavy cruisers, 44 light cruisers, 68 destroyers.Ereignismeldung (ERM: Operational Report) Einsatzgruppen commanders' report delivered daily to the Reichssicherheitshauptamt rsha in Berlin which comprehensively listed secretly coded murder activities in the occupied territories along the Eastern Front.GvD Gefreiter vom Dienst soldier who is the runner.Etappenschwein (slang) "rear swine" ( remf a soldier with a safe job away from danger.If a county or municipality adopts this subsection (c the presiding officer of that legislative body shall proclaim and certify its adoption to the secretary of state.Fall Weiß Case White ; invasion of Poland.E edit Eagle's Nest English name given to Hitler's mountain-top summerhouse at Berchtesgaden in the Bavarian Alps, not far from the Berghof.Endlösung or Endziel the "Final Solution refers to the genocide planned against the Jewish people.Kampf struggle, fight or conflict.SMS abbreviation for Seiner hours sex meeting Majestät Schiff, the German Empire's equivalent of the British Royal Navy 's "HMS" (His/Her Majesty's Ship) naval vessel naming prefix before 1918.Isbn Retrieved from " ".

Krupp-Daimler (KD) see Krupp.
Kriegsgefangener prisoner of war.
Wehrmacht German armed forces under the Third Reich consisting of three branches: the Heer (Army the Luftwaffe (Air Force and the Kriegsmarine (Navy).
Unteroffizier (1) a non-commissioned officer; (2) the lowest NCO rank, typical for.g.
A substitute in case of absence would be referred to as Regimentsführer etc.Tannenbaum "fir-tree projected invasion of Switzerland in 1940.Inhaber der Befehls- und Kommandogewalt (IBuK) commander-in-chief, Minister of Defence (peacetime) or Federal Chancellor (wartime) Iststärke actual strength (compared to Soll-Stärke ) Iwan German slang for a Soviet soldier (similar to "Jerry" or "Kraut the British and American slang terms for Germans).Fahnen) flag or banner.Einsatzkommando company-sized subunits of the Einsatzgruppen that took care of the mobilization and killing of Jews, partisans, Communists and others during the German invasion into the Soviet Union.Einsatzbereit statement meaning, "Ready for action." Einsatzgruppen "mission groups or "task forces".Bomber B the abortive World War II-era aviation contract competition meant to replace all previous Luftwaffe medium bombers with a single design, meant to be used for all but the longest-range missions, and function as a combination of medium and heavy bomber, and meant.Gulaschkanone "goulash cannon mobile field kitchen Gruppenstab command staff.Barbarossa (Red Beard) code name for the massive Nazi attack against the Soviet Union ( Operation Barbarossa ) which began during June 1941 and failed miserably in the end despite early success.

Amerika Bomber A spring 1942 aviation contract competition for a Luftwaffe trans-oceanic range strategic bomber, only resulting in a few completed prototype aircraft from two firms, and many advanced designs that mostly remained on paper.