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Other countries that claim sovereignty of the South China Sea should understand Chinas goodwill, solve the disputes through peaceful negotiations and dana dearmond attention whore avoid the escalation of that controversy).
Subsequently, Luo Yuan said: "It is undeniable that the South China Sea issue is impeding the development of the relations between China and the Philippines.
Every inch of the land that our ancestors left with us cannot be lost Luo said that China has consistent policies in that domain.
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By clicking "Accept you agree to our use of cookies and similar technologies.During the break of the forum, best city in cuba for prostitutes Luo Yuan expressed in an interview that Rosarios answer evaded his questions.We have also reinforced the concept that it is a region of the Philippines territory'.".This move is a violation to the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea reached by China and asean countries in 2002.".Rosarios response is very evasive.Opinions are those of the contributors and are not necessarily endorsed by the The Indymedia Print Project.Chinese Defense Minister Chang Wanquans proposal of joint management and control of dispute at the 5th Xiangshan Forum is a very wise and constructive suggestion.Both from historical aspects and jurisprudence, the reefs that are within Chinas traditional territorial lines are Chinese territory.I also said that our cooperation is very important.

We can make good use of such cooperation and find a feasible solution to resolve the differences.".
This is the difference and controversy.".
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Luo Yuan also pointed out that China is willing to hold bilateral talks with other parties that claim sovereignty of the South China Sea and would like to maintain the "Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea" reached in 2002.Running sf-active.9.2 Disclaimer Privacy.Raul Del Rosario, deputy chief of general staff of the Armed Forces of Philippines, announced that the Philippines believes the South China Sea disputes shall be resolved through the International Law and he added that The Philippines always believes that the West Philippine Sea issue.Meanwhile, China is also actively working to establish the South China Sea codes of conduct.Find out more about cookies by reading our updated Cookies Policy at m/cookie-policy which contains further information about the cookies and other technologies that we use and information about how to disable them.Luo Yuan said that he strongly agreed with Rosarios notion that "the West Philippine Sea issue is not the entire part of the China-Philippines relationship".