This is where scanner radio communication codes come in handy.
32 California Penal Code sections were in use by the Los Angeles Police Department as early as the 1940s, and these Hundred Code numbers are still used today instead of the corresponding ten- code.
Chase, all squads stand by Man with gun.
Other important records in accordance with the uniform crime reporting system sponsored by the International Association of Chiefs.
When someone moves the car unaware, an alarm is automatically set off at a nearby police station.Police scanner color codes enables law enforcers to act fast within minutes.CW traffic Personnel in area.This is due to some special tasks specific to the nature of their work.Finished with last assignment Assignment completed Assignment Completed Available 10-25 Do you have contact with?Transmit on alternate frequency Bank alarm Alarm (type of alarm) 10-91 Prepare for inspection (date).

10-39 Your livered to addressee.
10-42 Check the welfare of/at: 10-43 Call a doctor 10-45 Condition of patient?
914H - Heart attack 914N - Concerned party notified 914S - Suicide 915 - Dumping rubbish 916 - Holding suspect 917A - Abandoned vehicle 917P - Hold vehicle for fingerprints 918A - Escaped mental patient 918V - Violent mental patient 919 - Keep the peace.
Example: "Perris, Engine 6183, at scene." Available at Residence Used by administrative or staff personnel to indicate they are available and on-call at their residence.Example: "Fortuna, Engine 1283, in-service, fire prevention inspections." Repeat Self-explanatory Weather Self-explanatory Return to Normally used by communications center to direct units that are available to a station or other location.10-4 ICS Clear Text edit In 1980, the National Incident Management System published a document, ICS Clear Text Guide, which was another attempt to create a replacement for Ten-codes.Mental subject Check traffic signal 10-98 Prison or jail break Prison/jail break 10-99 Records indicate wanted or stolen Wanted/stolen Plain language edit Clear Speech Procedure edit In 1971, the Public Safety Department of Lakewood, Colorado published a study comparing the apco Ten- code with the.Ten-codes were adapted for use by CB radio enthusiasts.Report in person.10-9 Stand By Stop transmitting and wait for further instructions.Signal Good, signal Good, assist Officer, good Radio Reception 10-3.Or, reporting of sensitive update details can be shifted to a landline transmission.Among common codes used for penal hot collection escorts london monitoring purposes is code 217.

In most cases, they are used in ambulances during emergencies.
Code Purple    Gang activity, first, Code Blue.