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Unfortunately you cannot find any real love hotels in Minsk.
Minsk Hotel in the centre of Minsk (Nezavisimosti Avenue 11).
Laguna night club of hotel Orbita located in Western part of Minsk (Pushkin Avenue 39).
Topless Bar, strip bar in hotel Victoria (Pobediteley Avenue 59).Apart from a big public area, there is a separate VIP room that fits 8 people.But you can also meet women who work to feed her family.Sex Shops and Adult Stores Want to show your business here?Some might be open to dates outside the club.Every night Texas offers you show-programs with ladies to different tastes.Erotic Massage Parlors Want to show your business here?Working hours: bar.00 -.00, club.00 -.00.

So far there are not even any Thai massage salons in Minsk, but hopefully one will be opening soon.
There are also clubs in Minks that has prostitutes and these venues can also be called kontaktbars.
Most of these hotels' night clubs or lobby area you are able to find working girls who are willing to have a "date" in your room.
You are also able to take guests (girls) in to your room but sometimes the staff might ask you an extra fee for that.See Also Poland, Warsaw, Kraków Latvia, Riga Lithuania, Vilnius Ukraine, Kiev Russia, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kaliningrad Romania, Bucharest Age of consent Belarus Belarusian Sex Phrasebook, Russian Sex Phrasebook Ages of consent in Europe Prostitution, Street prostitution, Global prostitution prices Sex topics Phrasebooks, Sex worker, Prostitute.It's wise to learn some key phrases in Russian (which is the default language, Belarusian may also be spoken or understood).They have mostly female strippers but sometimes also male strippers.This is the section of our directory providing sex escorts via a specific location.Brothels and Sex Clubs Want to show your business here?

Sex is still being sold at the different venues, but sex scene is nothing compared to Amsterdam or Frankfurt for example, and much less than its neighbouring countries.