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You are confusing this with information some have posted about our old 9500i detector's TrueLock feature.
If you take that legal brothel price info from that hungarian site that means that "euro" software are not made in North America but here in Europe?
For a more selective, accurate, detector move up to a RedLine or Max.
Produsul nu mai poate fi comandat!Informatiile sunt orientative.I pulled the information that I previously posted from our X50 Euro webpage here which clearly states that it detects extended K band, down.950 GHz.It sounds like you may have an older X50 Euro model.Now i am confussed.Passport X50's multiple high-performance laser sensors provide maximum laser warning, with superior off-axis protection.

Quot;: Originally Posted by, escortRadar, there are no 30MHz limitations for what the frequency display shows.
Thank you for clarifications!
DescriereDetector Radar Escort Passport 8500 X50 Euro passport 8500-x50 euro.
Pretul produselor include costurile colectarii, tratarii si eliminarii deee.Nu mai face parte din oferta.Escort tampa black escorts Passport 8500 X50 Radar Laser Detector, Red Display.Escort Passport 8500 X50 Euro, este o varianta imbuntatita a clasiculuiEscort 8500, fiind special creat pentru sistemele radar si laser din ne echipat in plus fata de clasicul 8500 X50 cu:- Banda Ku folosita in Europa- Detectie imbunatatita in banda K, male escorts chattanooga inclusiv pulsed.I know i cannot update it, but at some moment I write to every possible euro importer/dealer, and all tell me that repairing/service/calibration must be done "there" in North America.How can you explain would be better to stick to that 24,100, so we can reject a lot of falses with that trick (enabling only K pulse, not all K band).If this is the case then the software version won't help you (you cannot update it anyway).

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