Steven Crawford insists he is amelia london escort unashamed after opening his controversial firm earlier this month pimping out his sex doll Faith for 60 an hour.
They were putting illegal posters all over the neighbourhood.
They are promoting it like it is some kind of good thing it isn't.
Steven Crawford admits it's sleazy but says it's a business (Image: Sunday Mail).Sex dolls are becoming far more advanced.And if there's any confusion about that, they will be getting a letter from the city very soon.He has officially registered Date A Doll Services Ltd with Companies House.Businessman Steven Crawford says he has tested the product himself (Image: Sunday Mail).It's funny, because Aura Dolls says, and I'll just tell you the statement they sent us, they say that, "There is a massive community that supports and believes in this service but is unable to is an escort and a prostitute the same thing be as verbal and supportive due to the nature of this.But they should be doing them in their own homes.Mr Crawford already has dreams of investing in sex robots to expand his business.Read More, the UKs first sex doll brothel, Lovedoll UK, was forced to shut down last week after it was evicted from a business park in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear.Crawford bought his blonde sex doll for 1800 from supplier Lovedoll UK the company whose try-before-you-buy scheme saw them ousted from Gateshead last week.But this is just kind of scuzzy.

There can be no suggestion of women being forced or coerced into doing something against their will.
Crawford already has ambitions of investing in sex robots to expand his business.
If someone thinks, Hes sleazy, theyre absolutely entitled to think that but I really dont have any qualms about.
Read More, crawford is advertising his service on the classified ad site Craigslist as Britains first sex doll brothel and officially registered Date A Doll Services with Companies House.
Read More, top news stories today, bakers 'spotted missing stag do Scot'.Where it's being proposed happens to be near an intersection where about 25,000 people live, all kinds of families, four elementary schools are very near.Just that this is disgusting.But would-be sex industry tycoon Steven Crawford insists he is unashamed of opening Scotlands first sex doll brothel in a Lanarkshire village.We and our partners operate globally and use cookies, including for analytics, personalisation, and ads.It's where it is located, for one thing.