"There's a new feeling of optimism as interest in Hossa increases, and people are getting keen to branch out and start new businesses and activities.".
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Local firms are already providing a wider range of services for increasing numbers of visitors with different interests.
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College of Business and Management Sciences.
The small family firm Hossan Lumo, run by locally born Maija Daly and her Irish husband Lenny Daly, rents out equipment including fat tyre mountain bikes, kayaks and SUP-boards, while also offering cosy cabin accommodation and lovely lakeside locations for tents and caravans.New jobs and income are very welcome in this part of Finland's north-eastern borderlands, between the towns of Kuusamo and Suomussalmi.Schools and Colleges, college of Agricultural Sciences Environmental Sciences.College of Education and External Studies.Lenny Daly feels that Hossa provides ideal settings for many popular outdoor pursuits.Great, Great and Mighty, The walls around thee.College of Natural Sciences, college of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Resources and Biodiversity."The trails along Hossa's sandy ridges are likewise ideal for mountain biking or hiking.".