Sorcery (5) 1 Farseek 1 Rampant Growth 1 Shamanic Revelation 1 Clan Defiance 1 Lavalanche.
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Eduardo Lopes remained one up with two to play, while this was the scene in the decider between Eduardo Vieira, and Walter Latorraca.That wasn't the case with Putrid Leech the following turn, with Mana Leak sending it away.Real had one last hong escort throw of the dice.The Enzo Real Fan Club Out of lives, Frias needed a strong start.TOP 8 bracket, quarterfinals.That meant Knight of the Reliquary entered the battlefield as a 4/4.He activated a second Raging Ravine.After Birds of Paradise had run into Burst Lightning, Frias attempted more acceleration with Lotus Cobra.Use recommended Settings, apply custom configuration.

Elspeth, Knight-Errant appeared next for Zaghi, who thought long and hard about what to do with her, now that he had her.
And finally: Congratulations to Eduardo Lopes, Brazil National Champion 2010!
Eduardo dos Santos Vieira 500.Out came Knight of the Reliquary, arriving as a 4/4.Rafael Zaghi, 3-2, finals, eduardo Lopes, 3-1, rafael Zaghi, 3-1.Rafael Zaghi 750.Jace, the Mind Sculptor bounced Putrid Leech, leaving Real with two mana open.Eduardo Lopes 3 2 Enzo Real Semifinal Rafael Zaghi.