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Generally its declared at the end of the policy, but for some policies it might be applicable after completion of 5 or 10 yrs.
You will not get anything back if you stop your policy without paying for 3 years.More over if it is a participating policy the Bonus get attached to it as per prevalent rules.┬╗Many Banks do accept standing instructions to remit the premiums.Your Policy Bond And Its Safety.The contract will also be subject to the prevailing laws of the country.This would also form the basis of all future policies you might avail from.What is the difference between health insurance plan of General Insurance Companies and Life Insurance Companies?Jeevan Saral, the policy holders will earn such additions after a minimum of ten policy years have been completed.Invest in Mutual Funds Start investing in mutual funds with quality advice and monitoring support by Jagoinvestor Team.When your Survival Benefits (For Money back policies) or maturity benefits are due, we send intimations to your three months in advance.Free Insurance Cover, But all the policies charge premium or charges for providing Insurance cover and its called Mortality Charges, these are the same charges which are there.Surrender of policy is not recommended since the surrender value would always be proportionately low.

What is the fee I need to pay for opening an e Insurance Account?
What are the documents required to open an eIA Account?
The policy is usually taken by you to benefit your family nominate the persons wholl have the welfare of your family in your absence; the usual preferences being spouse and children.What is a medical examination when buying insurance?A very important point to Note : A lot of people do not like to close their LIC policies after paying for 1-2 premiums because they will not get anything back for the 1-2 premiums already paid.Hdfc Bank, icici Bank, Times of Money, Bill Junction, UTI Bank, Bank of Punjab, Citibank, Corporation Bank, Federal Bank and BillDesk.After 3 yrs, if you surrender your LIC policy, still you will only get a small fraction of your total paid premiums that too excluding first year premiums.We build the portfolio as per your financial goals and your risk appetite.What is Life Insurance?Loan on LIC Policy, you can also get loans at the time white shirt without collar of crisis on your LIC policies, but the maximum loan amount available under the policy is 90 of the Surrender Value of the policy (85 in case of paid up policies) including cash.How do I reduce the cost of buying life insurance?Click here to know more about alterations).

┬╗Premium payment can also be made through ATMs of Corporation Bank and UTI Bank.