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These features include narrow ridges, steep cliffs, overlooks, and natural gaps like the Cumberland Gap.
Retrieved "Animals: Cumberland Gap National Historical Park"."Geology of Cumberland Gap National Historical Park" (PDF).Menu, oUR introduction - Who We Are, What We Have Accomplished, and What We Plan.Contents, geography edit, the, cumberland, gap is one of many passes in the Appalachian Mountains but the only one in the continuous Cumberland Mountain ridge line.THE friends OF daniel boone - A Non-cost Way - Read About Something Great.2 In 1966 Robert Dietz discovered shatter cones in nearby sandstone, proving recent speculation.

8 History edit Map showing Cumberland Gap in relation to the Wilderness Road route from Virginia to Kentucky The passage created by Cumberland Gap was well traveled by Native Americans long before the arrival of European-American settlers.
3 Because it is centrally located in the United States, the region around Cumberland Gap experiences all four seasons.
Famous in American colonial history for its role as a key passageway through the lower central Appalachians, it was an important part of the.
"Profile for Cumberland Gap National Historical Park".He sees in Boone a lonely hunter, whose ramblings had the unintended consequence of opening the way for further colonization, ".the solitude-loving hunter, dauntless and self-reliant, enjoyed to the full his wild, lonely life." (143) He imbues Boone with a sense of purpose, however,.On his arrival Boone discovered that Martin had beaten him to Powell Valley, where Martin and his men were clearing land for their own settlement the westernmost settlement in English whore sign colonial America at the time.3 The area surrounding Cumberland Gap National Historical Park is composed of sedimentary rock, which is formed by the compaction of particles of gravel, sand, silt, mud, and carbonate minerals from the repetitive rise and fall of shallow seas.Metcalfe, lexington, KY: William.Retrieved tional Register of Historic Places Nomination Form: Cumberland Gap Historic District - Virginia/Kentucky/Tennessee, 1980 "Plants: Cumberland Gap National Historical Park".