Its a bad influence.
Daniel* said it was dangerous work for the women.
Police could never understand or do much about that.Street sex workers face many dangers in their work.There was drug dealings vip escorts denver going on all night with cars revving up and down the car park at all hours!They said to him, if you werent going to pay us, can you give us all a ride, he said.Sgt Patrick Green from Dandenong Police said illegal sex work was seen as a victimless crime, but the issue was not considered insignificant.Sergeant Dave Morrow, who meets monthly with about a dozen advocacy and support groups to discuss St Kilda street-sex work, said the meetings had helped build trust.

Senior Sergeant Daly said between 200 and 400 sex workers may be active in St Kilda, and the only way to reduce the numbers was to reduce demand and work with support services to ensure those forced out of the trade did not fall through.
The approach of Gatehouse is strengths based.
They wont realise until I get out and open the gate that I live here.
An important part of staff and volunteer training is around value list of asian countries where prostitution is legal judgement.
Jim Delgas is worried about the safety of his family.Do men also access St Kilda Gatehouse?Police have been targeting the clients of sex workers in the area since last September, issuing more than 470 banning notices, and are now preparing to roll out on-the-spot 280 fines for those caught soliciting sex.Often they simply wish to retreat to a place of comfort, safety and which gives them a sense of belonging.Despite this, Mojo News saw women being picked up by men near telephone booths, a local service station and bus stops.They hang out around bus stops, sometimes for hours on end, and arrange pickups near a telephone booth or a local park.The council normally meets with the police every six months.I call them gutter-crawlers because they drive their car in the gutters looking at what theyre interested in, he said.One welfare worker, Lee FitzRoy, said most street-sex workers she supported had smart phones and some were also using social media sites to arrange a meeting point with clients.The Centre in Dandenong is open five days a week.

I used to think these are people waiting for buses.
Originally they sought to provide support to individuals with life controlling drug addictions in the St Kilda area.