Parque Nacional Ciénaga de Zapata (Ciénaga de Zapata National Park) A national park in Mantanzas province, similar to Florida's Everglades National Park, with vast swamps and world-famous birdwatching, scuba diving, and beaches; and the site of the 1961 American Bay of Pigs invasion.
The best places to attempt to use a credit/debit card for a cash withdrawal are at the state run Cadecas / Cambios - rather than banks used by Cubans, using the 'red' (company name) ATMs.
They run comfortable air-conditioned long-distance coaches with washrooms and televisions to most places of interest to tourists.
For example, nickel whore sign production with the aid of Canadian firm, Sherritt International, has grown levels reaching 68,000 tons.
Food for on the road can often be obtained locally for cheap Cuban Pesos, but make sure if you travel through more remote areas to carry enough food (and water!).They watch the child while she goes out to work.Entry requirements for Cuba can be a bit daunting.The easiest way to dodge taxes is to register for a low tax form of self-employment and then operate a different business.

Be aware that many traffic lights, especially in cities, are placed on the -far- corner of the intersection, unlike Europe (where the light is where you stop) or the US (where the light is in the middle of the intersection).
Cuban convertible peso or CUC.
These four cases are common stories and represent the lives of thousands of Cubans.She now makes over a hundred times what she made working for the state.The island is tropical and thus host to a number of diseases.Although the investment has been profitable for Sol Meliá, these restrictions on ownership discourage some potential investors.As one man, an officer in the military, told me, I have dedicated my whole life to the Revolution.Cuban law hatsan escort marine semi auto prohibits foreign companies from hiring Cuban citizens, so Sherritt contracts 10,000 workers through Castro.Major services such as Skype, Facebook or Instagram are not blocked.Roads are poorly signposted (and frequently not at all so if you do plan to do serious driving, it would be well-advised to download maps on your phone in advance and make sure your GPS works.This is also the high season so expect a price increase during this period.

Be especially careful in the mountains, as some roads can be dangerous if you are not an experienced 4x4 offroads driver, and they may even be entirely impassible after heavy rains.