Scratch where the team tell each other about the Satanic Panic in the 1980s and the FBI response to it, or "False Flag where.J.
You Kill It, You Bought It : In "The Witness a man discovers that south bend in escorts his wife is having an affair, confronts the other man, and ends up killing him in a fit of rage.
Go Into the Light : In "Epilogue the UnSub resuscitates his victims so he can find out what they saw and compare it to his own Near-Death Experience.He gets himself killed protecting his son, but he puts up a hell of a fight.Beyond that, Criminal Minds is notable for a mostly gender-equal cast, its standards of realism for the motives of its criminals (who are often fascinating characters, though the mechanics of the crimes aren't always that realistic and for the sympathy and respect with which.The Main Characters Do Everything : Local law enforcement seems to stop investigating at all when the BAU arrives.From "A Real Rain Gideon: Is that why you stabbed him in the groin?In "Pariahville Rossi's line about "who knows where the bodies are buried" has nothing to do with the case of the week, but is a Call-Back to the killer from "Profiling 101 whom he's conversing about with Lewis.

She was then picked up by another friend who turned out to be the cheerleader-murdering UnSub.
In another episode, it was expressed that the BAU gets sent the "weird" cases.
Men of Sherwood : The district cops.
"Into The Woods where Shane gets away.Mentioning that Prentiss would know if her death was being simulated because when she died before, it was cold and dark, a point mentioned all the way back in Season.Possible example in "Into escorted coach holidays the Woods the UnSub, who is a boy-preferential killer (and heavily implied to be raping his victims as well has uncharacteristically ended up with his intended victim's sister as well.At some point in March 2013, some of his prostitutes witnessed the killing of the local Sheriff, which was orchestrated by a group of corrupt Deputies, who all saw the Sheriff as an obstacle to their criminal activities.Pater Familicide : "Normal" The Plan : "Masterpiece" it fails.The Unsub in "Coda" asks his captive to shoot him, because his sons won't be able to collect his life insurance if he commits suicide I Have Your Wife : "Retaliation" Also, "100 with Foyet and Haley."The Fox" - Sure, Karl Arnold is caught and tricked into a confession, but then Hotch finds a little box in which the UnSub keeps the wedding rings of the men he kills.Funny Background Event : In "Compulsion a student is telling to Hotch about his physics project and, rhetorically, asks 'Do you know how to solve the Three-Body Problem?' Behind them, Reid nods with a serious look on his face.Infant Immortality : Subverted painfully on multiple occasions.Example: When an UnSub and a victim he's taken hostage crash into a marsh in a car, and there's no sign of bodies, the team fans out and find him almost immediately, le bois de vincennes prostitution and take him down with a headshot instead of forgetting how to use.

The episode "Psychodrama" also indicates that a mother sexually abused her son and daughter.
Say, at a Siouxsie and the Banshees concert?
Served that purpose too.