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When Craigslist - under a fun bali escort peer pressure campaign from grandstanding state attorneys general and some misguided activists groups - shut down its adult services section, it wasn't difficult to predict that this would do little to nothing to actually slow down or prevent prostitution.
Here is a partial list of goods, services, and content prohibited on craigslist: weapons; firearms/guns and components; BB/pellet, stun, and spear guns; etc ammunition, clips, cartridges, reloading materials, gunpowder, fireworks, explosives offers, solicitation, or facilitation of illegal prostitution and/or sex trafficking exploitation or endangerment of minors;.
That hasn't stopped Maureen and other providers from posting, though.Facebook has become the site of choice for prostitutes, picking up on a small bit of some new research on prostitution by Sudhir Venkatesh.It has changed the type of clients from businessmen to back down to the blue collar worker that you can't really count." Maureen went on to insist that some of these new clientsaren't just flakythey also don't seem as uniformly safe as the buttoned-down.(Maureen admitted that she has tried making listings in Casual Encounters as well.).A random (not Maureen's) listing from Craigslist's new Adult section.In the end, the change's lack of real impact suggests that the legal posturing over Craigslist and prostitution is more about PR and less about actually reducing prostitution or keeping anyone safe.Please don't use CL for these purposes, and flag anyone else you see doing.The new Adult Services section of craigslist is fully populated.

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To those who have ever seen itor the back of practically any local magazine over the last several decadesit's obvious that these listings ultimately amount to the exchange of money for sexual gratification.
"You brothel sunbury just can't say what you offer anymore; now everything is offered through massage service she told Ars.
The new " adult " section (link nsfw) barely changes this.In fact, we noted that Craigslist was a very useful tool for law enforcement to actually track down and crack prostitution rings.US military items not demilitarized in accord with Defense Department policy counterfeit, replica, or pirated items; tickets or gift cards that restrict transfer lottery or raffle tickets, sweepstakes entries, slot machines, gambling items spam; sex dating and relationships sites miscategorized, overposted, cross-posted, or non-local content postings or email the primary.For those who don't want to play by the rules, a spin into.Maureen says that there aren't any real checks in place under the new systemCraigslist merely charges more per listing and takes longer to post them to the site.About prohibited safety recalls scams forum, users must comply with all applicable laws, the CL terms of use, and all posted site rules."People are scared that there is a cop behind every post.

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