Rewarded as a Traitor Deserves : KaGe magazine Volume 1 Issue 8 (2nd quarter 1993) story "Instruction Takes A Turn".
Self-awareness can't be written into a program; it has to occur on its own.
Heroic Second Wind : Your character if you burn all of your edge points to stay alive.
In the 4th Edition, starting 2070, lesser AIs started to appear.
They're also nice to the runners they hire, which has led some younger runners to consider Horizon to be the "good" Mega Corp.It recommends actually sleeping with the client only if you absolutely have.Dragon Hoard A common status symbol among dragonkind, though they're not always in the form one would expect.Likewise, areas of stlv-iiiagm seropositivity overlap with areas where excision is performed in West Africa.For example, except for the Luo, the practice is still widespread in urban areas of Kenya.As of 5th Edition, nothing larger than an SMG goes in a cyberarm.It's mentioned that "cute" Changelings, such as anime-style cat girls, can use it to their advantage, while more radically-transformed Changelings - sex after 4 months of dating derogatorily called furries - are subject to discrimination.Also, the first novel trilogy saw Sam Verner unleash the Spider bug-spirit into the world ahead of schedule as he was searching for a cure for Janice.Cop Killer : In the novel Lone Wolf, deep-cover gang investigator Wolf Larson is listed as one as part of his cover identity, to enhance his credibility with the Cutters street gang he's infiltrated.Slim disease: a new disease in Uganda and its association with htlv-III infection.The development and general acceptance of the Unified Magic Theory has both expanded the number of traditions (and indeed led to the birth of entirely new ones) but also significantly reduced the functional and mechanical differences between them (particularly hermeticism and shamanism, previously seen.If they malfunction, the user may be stuck watching his body do what the p-soft tells.

Although the link between the risk of acquiring aids and promiscuity seems to be clear at this time, there are some unanswered questions: ( 1 ) How does viral transfer occur from male to female and from female to male?
Quick Draw : Performing this action allows you to draw a small pistol as a free action instead of a simple action if you make the test.
Many religions adapted easily and brought magic into their practice.
In may cases of infibulation and occasional cases of excision, the vaginal opening must be cut open by the husband (defibulation) in order for childbirth (or in severe cases, sexual relations) to occur.
Evidence for heterosexual transmission and clinical manifestations of human immunodeficiency virus infection and related conditions in Lusaka, Zambia.There's Snuff Films, so there's simulations where users can pretend to die - which often drives them insane.In one case, each night for a month a bean sidhe approached a person at midnight, wailed her mournful cry and vanished.Some pirate gangs use submarines to attack and loot surface ships.It's a known fact that learning magic is achieved through a number of ways and traditions, and while they all do it in different methods, they all achieve the same thing.

Although metagenes can occasionally throw everything for a loop: an ork mother and a human father can have a dwarf baby, for example.