colony 5 big brothel lyrics

We have the means, it's our specialty, actually, don't compensate - imitate.
First step - immorality, next step - immortality, next chapter - design your own child.
If you have had an unfair start.And a one-year lifespan, i flip through the channels, i flip through different ways.Don't compensate - operate 2015 Lyricsochords, about us, contribute or how to pick up prostitutes in gta san andreas ps2 Request, lyricsochords @Version:.1.Suppression in Malaysia, peace process in Palestine, it's a battle of wits.Those inexpressive faces, displaying useless minds, idiots with a tan.A plastic world, no one cares how you look inside.Remarkable and sad, that folk need, to be stupid, to be bad.Loading Time :0.0117 sec.Of humiliation, different freaks every week, and for us this seems.A famine in North Africa, genocide in South America, revolution in East Asia.Don't compensate - operate, a plastic world, everyone wants a model look-alike.

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If you have lost the genetic lottery.
There's no place in the headlines 'Cause BB blonde got new tits.
Don't compensate - operate.All you need is fantasy, inspiration is all around, in every magazine.To gain fame, a fake respect, a revolting reputation, is the key to the media nation.You no longer need to improve your personality.All you need is fantasy, next step - immortality, next chapter - design your own child.Big, brothel lyrics by, colony 5 : Those inexpressive faces / Displaying useless minds / Idiots with a tan / And a one-year lifespan / I flip.Colony 5, big, brothel, lyrics.