3 Holder, Charles.
Their Chinese features exposed them to virulent antipathy of California's white settlers and made them easy targets for the tongs' bounty hunters.
The back room of the crib was meagerly furnished with a wash-bowl, a rickety bamboo chair or two, and hard board shelves or bunks covered with matting.
As Mui Tsais got older, they were eventually also sold into prostitution. .Since China in the 19th century was racked by widespread famine and civil war (20 million died in the.After a latency period of a few looking for sex pictures years, the symptoms of syphilis take a vengeful toll on the human body.The word "bagnio originally meant "bath house but was commonly used in 19th century San Francisco to describe a brothel.Immigrating to San Francisco, in the 1850s and for some time thereafter the Chinese who lived in San Francisco were not native to United States.The hierarchy of these trafficked girls depended entirely on appearance.With rare exceptions2 it was the best fate that a Chinese woman in America could hope for until at least the early 1900s.In The House of the Tiger.These acts prevented all but a few privileged classes of Chinese men from sending for their families in China.

This is the point of view that supports a regulated, limited legalization of prostitution with clearly defined limits and frequent testing.
After the era of Chinese exclusion began in 1882, the tongs simply forged papers and increased the size of their bribes.
Into the modern day, prostitution remains illegal almost everywhere in the United States.
Hip Yee Tong which trafficked an estimated six thousand women between 18Tongs not only imported the women, they usually pimped them as well.She lived to the age of 99 and became quite wealthy.8 Holder, Charles.When an interested male stopped before the crib, the harlot displayed the upper part of her body and cajoled him with seductive cries and motions.He replenished his stock of girls whenever fresh shipments arrived from China, selling or trading those of whom he had tired or who had failed to come up to his expectations.7 Holder, Charles.One of the most ruthless and successful was the.Many people look at the plight of women in the trade and support this.