This is where you will find more merchants and card players than in any other place in Novigrad.
She's the owner of the brothel.
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Herbalist (1) escort cosworth germany This person is selling torn-out pages and alchemy ingredients.Ambushed citizen, one of citizien has been abushed - you can help him by killing bad guys.Simulated assault, women is "attacked" by a man, but you shouldn't interefere - but in dialogue you can choose option to use Axii sign - you'll gain 40 experience points, and noone will be harmed.Armorer (M6,5) - He is a craftsman (he creates new items, repairs them etc.).Novigrad Docks, you will have a chance to complete several quests here.

That will happen only if you stray away from one of the main paths.
Passiflora It's a brothel where you can find courtesans.
Main locations prostitution orlando fl on the map Points of interest on the map Road signs Strong enemies Important NPC characters on the map 1 Triss Merigold's home Geralt plants to meet with Triss at her house as a part of the "Pyres of Novigrad" main quest.
You can also play Gwent with this person.
You will find a merchant in a building near the cemetery located in the northern part of the village.Blacksmith (1) He is a craftsman (he can create new objects, repair them etc.).Additionally, you can take a loan here and exchange currencies at Vivaldi's.He's also a card player (Gwent) and he's selling repair kits, diagrams, crafting materials and melee weapons.17 Ronvid (3) For the last time you'll meet Ronvid (M6,16) pictures of prostitutes in the 1800's in this area.Church of the Eternal Fire, you will find a merchant and a place of power near the church.He'll be with mercenaries.Alchemist (1) This man is selling glyphs and various alchemy ingredients.Merchant (2) He's selling a torn-out page and various books among other things.