Japan, US military, tachikawa open mess.C.O.
Germany, jeton, 1759 Ceres adv.
LTD / stamped #140, tooth shaped, loop at top, white enameled silver plated brass, 21x27.5mm, Port Jackson Manly Steamship.
India, ramtanka, ND (1930s Rama with trident Lakshmana with undecorated bow standing L, 1740 / Rama Sita seated on dais, attendants flanking, Hanuman below, silver plated brass,.5mm, B-R11.
Germany, US military, ND (1960s?hole at bottom, steel bracteate, 23mm, U1-3.Ecuador, advertising token, imitation of Ecuador 10 sucres (1899 obsequios-cigarillos.Italy, gettone telefonico ESM-7410 bronze, 24mm,.Germany, ohligs, iron, 19mm, U2-5.Hobart town / economy house., copper, 33mm, K-Tn174 cor,.SGO / 12 dots, 12 pence make 1 shilling, reeded edge, bronze, 16mm,.G.Mess / blank, toothed border, brass, 19mm, C-GR1860 spots,.Great britain, countermarked coin ND halfpenny KM755 crudely engraved:.Germany, democratic republic, 5 punkt ND (1950s Lingner Werk, Dresden, (1950s) aluminum, 28mm, spot,.

Duchesse DE brabant 21 22 aout, bronze, 32mm, marriage, large date, B-XM1.1, cleaned.
Chile, token, ND, compaÑIA salitrera "esmeralda" / 1, oficina luisis, octagonal, vulcanite, green/black/green, 42mm, R-Ant161, aXF.
Austria, donation token, 1950 cathedral 1950, Tyrol shield / aluminum, 26mm, for the renovation.
France, jeton, ND mature bust R, lvdovicvs magnvs REX / winged caduceus crossed with thunderbolt, pace lege svas confecta, bronze, 25mm,.1800-10, bust R, georgivs III DEI gratia / spade shield, IN memory OF THE good OLD days, 1797, brass, 26mm medium head, die "1 large date, spots,.Germany, spandau, 50 pfennig ND, emil meye.Germany, westphalia, roste-Hüllshoff / horse, aluminum, 28mm, U2-20,.Denmark, transit token, town arms, haderslev bybusser / town view, robot prostitute from the future brass, 18mm, S-320a spots,.Stefan's cathedral in Vienna, XF-AU.Hungary, transit token, 1943 bszkrt valtojegy / 1943, center hole, zinc, 18mm, A100B spots,.

Canada, ontario, transit token, ND (1961) DHO on crosshatched field.6mm squares, department OF highways ontario / class 1 vehicle, department OF highways ontario, brass, 17mm, A400Ca.
France, jeton, 1744 thin adult bust L, LUD X FR ET NAV REX / equestrian statue L, optimo principi mdccxliiii, brass, 24mm, crude, German?, edge clip error,.