About 40 sex workers will be able to operate out of the premises, which are being run by a foundation called My Red Light, in which prostitutes take an active part.
We are very excited about this experiment, she added.
There are no guarantees that in a business run by sex workers themselves nothing will ever go wrong, adds Pol.
She also escort xr3i wiki thinks the councils involvement in starting up the project is problematic.Amsterdams red light district in 2008.A brothel in the red light district of Amsterdam.Red Erotic clubs m, amsterdam Red Light District Hotels Map.M, the Red Light District Map of Amsterdam and Project 1012.As for the RLD, no photos, just in respect (and its plastered.What we are aiming at is empowerment for sex workers.Because of his involvement, the Dutch have dubbed the project the municipal brothel.Click here TO brothel elsternwick booour.In 2007 the City of Amsterdam started with Project 1012, named after the zip code of the Red Light District.It didnt work out that way.The Red Light District map has significantly changed in the last few decades, especially the last 10 years.

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The rooms are bigger and more colourful than is usual in the Amsterdam red light district.
The plan is to also organise trainings and courses for the prostitutes.One simply cannot know whether a woman renting a window there does or does not give up her earnings to a pimp, she said.Owners of sex businesses must obtain a licence and adhere to municipal rules, while prostitution is a legal profession and its practitioners are expected to pay taxes.Prostitution researcher Karin Werkman thinks the whole project is questionable.The new brothel is housed in four buildings that Amsterdam bought in 2007 from the infamous brothel-owner Fat Charles Geerts, also known as the King of the Wallen, in an effort to make him leave the red light district.Thats something very special.Amsterdam has continued to be an important destination for human traffickers, often via criminal gangs from eastern.We are thinking about courses in massage, but also in accounting and the fiscal aspects of the work, said De Ridder.