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Par It is intended that once the amendment to the Children Youth and Families Act (cyfa) and the Children, Youth and Families Regulations 2007 (the Regulations) have been passed, they will together provide youth justice detainees with more safeguards than those available in the current.
Par pardplain s17qj insrsid8268798charrsid8268798 The Committee notes that the Bill " s explanatory memorandum contains comprehensive information addressing the second of these components (i.e.
The Committee considered the Bill on insrsid8397817 *xmlopenxmlns1factoidname Monthxmlattrvalue 10xmlattrxmlattrns0xmlattrname Dayxmlattrvalue 25xmlattrxmlattrns0xmlattrname Year xmlattrvalue 201110 Octoberinsrsid11947788charrsid xmlclose insrsid11947788charrsid4391045 and made the following comments in Alert Digest.For example, equipment or information that is securely stored, or is only accessible by certain persons in accordance with certain procedures, may require a person with appropriate k nowledge and capabilities to access that equipment or information.2 par pard s47qj The Committee will seek further advice from the Minister.13(a Rules 42, 48, 52, 53 and 54 require the Regulator (including, pote ntially, the Essential Services Commission) to publish information supplied in applications, submissions or in response to requests for information relating to regulated charges, unless the supplier identifies the information as confidential and.

The act is being retained as certain children's services in *xmlopenxmlns1factoidname place*xmlopenxmlns1factoidname StateVictoria*xmlclose *xmlclose will be outside the scope of the national law, and so will continue to be regulated under the Victorian children's services legislation.
Insrsid insrsid8397817charrsid4391045 of 2011 insrsid8397817charrsid4391045 tabled in the Parliament on insrsid8397817 *xmlopenxmlns1factoidname Monthxmlattrvalue 10xmlattrxmlattrns0xmlattrname Dayxmlattrvalue 25xmlattrxmlattrns0 xmlattrname Yearxmlattrvalue 201111 Octoberinsrsid8397817charrsid srsid8397817charrsid4923535 par pardplain s2qj insrsid6374841 Committee" s Comments par pardplain s47qj Charter report par pard s47qj Presumption of innocence endash Defence of inability to comply.
Insrsid12217765 par insrsid2498328 The Bill also inserts a new section 78C regarding the insrsid9594616 ininsrsid2498328 admissibility insrsid2580809 for the prosecution insrsid2498328 of insrsid2580809 any insrsid2498328 evidence obtained where the conditions and procedures applicable to insrsid9594616 entry insrsid2498328 without insrsid9594616 a insrsid2498328 warrant have not been.
Par " Statement of Compatibility" refers to a statement made by a member introducing a Bill in eit her the Council or the Assembly as to whether the provisions in a Bill are compatible with Charter rights.
If the *xmlopenxmlns1factoidname Monthxmlattrvalue 10xmlattrxmlattrns0 xmlattrname Dayxmlattrvalue 25xmlattrxmlattrns0xmlattrname Yearxmlattrvalue 2011ESC*xmlclose is successful in its application for accreditation, the *xmlopenxmlns1factoidname Month xmlattrvalue 10xmlattrxmlattrns0xmlattrname Dayxmlattrvalue 25xmlattrxmlattrns0xmlattrname Yearxmlattrvalue 2011ESC*xmlclose will replace the accc as regulator and be required to approve or determine these Basin water charges in accordance.There appears to be no explanation given for this delayed commencement clause, therefore the Committee draws attention to its fs22insrsid4391045 Practice Note of October 2005 dealing with the inclusion of provisions in Bills that allow for delayed commencement of more than one year after introduction.Par The provision is intended to protect against conduct that is designed to " bully" the delegate or authorised persons, in ways that would not otherwise fall within the other behaviours prohibited by new section.8.11.The Chief Commissioner of Police will be required to report annually on the insrsid10158697 operation of and effects on the community of Part srsid16192015 binsrsid and 15binsrsid11295026 insrsid11295026 (Refer to Statement of Compatibility) par listtextpardplains17 f3fs22insrsid6438067 lochaf3dbchaf0hichf3 'b7tabinsrsid6438067 enhances Victoria Police's role in investigating and.Par pard s47qj The amendments in this Bill ensure that childreni0fs22insrsid12397562 " s services that are required to operate under the national law are not subject to two regulatory regimes (state and national and clarify the relationship between the national law and the Victorian Act.The behaviour that may be subject to section.8.11 could be determined in light of these matters.1bf1fs20insrsid of par footerf pardplain s21qr field*fldinst page fldrslt sectd par pardplain s25qr *bkmkstart _Toc bkmkstart line Ministerial *bkmkstart _Hlt2482287*bkmkend _Toc bkmkend _Toc bkmkend _Toc18822508*bkmkend _Toc22703063*bkmkend _Toc56835458*bkmkend _Hlt b0f36fs36insrsid *bkmkend _Toc bkmkend _Toc par pardplain s2qj insrsid13982867charrsid3374817 Table of correspondence between the Committee and Ministers.Par In the case of new section.8.11, it is of note that the provision purpo rts to protect the delegate and authorised person in the exercise of their powers and to facilitate those powers.