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Top definition, brothel Creeper unknown, a type of shoe most commonly worn by punks, ska punks, goths, rockabillies, and pyschobillies.
These are devoured by the nuthatches, creepers, and chickadees.
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Also called: tree creeper US and Canadian any small songbird of the family Certhiidae of the N hemisphere, having a brown-and-white plumage and slender downward-curving bill.Old English creopera "one who creeps agent noun from creep (v.).Also see creep (n.).A one-piece garment for an infant, the lower portion resembling briefs and having snaps or buttons across the crotch for convenience in diapering.A grappling device for dragging a river, lake, etc.Fortunately the weapon caught one of the creepers, and flew out of his hand.A person who follows someone persistently or stealthily; a stalker.Show More, collins English Dictionary - Complete Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition William Collins Sons.Stu, arkoff's, brothel Creepers are tough as hell.

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They creep up trees to feed on insects a hooked instrument for dragging deep water.
Noun noun, brE BrE/brl kripz/ ; NAmE NAmE/brl kriprz/, NAmE/brl kriprz/ plural (British English, informal add to my wordlist jump to other results suede shoes with thick soft soles, popular in the 1950s.
Traditional Brothel Creepers are usually suede although they are now made of leather, fur, and other materials.
Brothel Creepers can often be seen on the feet of psychobilly bands.Also called: cradle a flat board or framework escort cosworth time attack mounted on casters, used to lie on when working under cars.#creepers #brothel creepers #crepe #psychobilly #rockabilly by, hey There Guy.Also called: daisy cutter cricket a bowled ball that keeps low or travels along the ground either of a pair of low iron supports for logs in a hearth informal a shoe with a soft sole.Show More Online Etymology Dictionary, 2010 Douglas Harper Word of the Day sudoriferous.Want to thank TFD for its existence?Brothel Creepers have a distinct crepe adult friend d sole which can either be short and discreet or a platform-style.

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