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I had a letter saying they weren't happy with me working in one location, but if I was to move the premises to a different part of white shirt without collar the town they would be less concerned to the point of not having a problem and not disturbing.
It's obviously difficult to be sure about the numbers of prostitutes who work on the streets.
Detectives investigating a sex-slave trade in Britain think that as many as 100 brothels are operating in Cambridgeshire alone.
But the police do have powers to stop street prostitution and close down brothels.
These phone numbers are changing all the time, and new ones keep turning up each week - and quite often different adverts will carry the same number.The aim of the investigation is to find the extent of the sex industry in Cambridge and to listen to the stories of the people involved in it - all we're saying is, it exists.So, they should enjoy some level of protection, basic pay and conditions and union representation as any other profession."They (the police) did look out for the girls; they never used to move you.Brothels are illegal - that's a room where more than one woman works - even if they work on different days or at different times.But the laws that exist around it make it almost impossible to carry out prostitution legally.She started work on the streets at the age.Steve Welby is the sector inspector of Peterborough city centre and central ward: "We have some new legislation under the Anti-social Behaviour Act using anti-social behaviour orders and we've taken two orders out on two very persistent prostitutes.This would require a big shift from treating the selling of sexual services as a crime.So we should try and stop prostitution altogether, perhaps by criminalising the men who seek to pay for sex.They say brothels are being run under the guise of other businesses and from "ordinary" homes in quiet neighbourhoods.People talk about whether prostitution should be legalised - why?

We constantly get harassed and asked if we're doing business by curb-crawlers.
I spoke to 34 massage parlours advertised in the local papers.
It's up to you to decide whether you approve of it or not.When I typed "sex "escorts" and "Cambridgeshire" into google, I found over 1,800 sites.The law is complicated.This includes brothels, massage parlours, single women and men based in the county or prepared to travel here in return for payment escort 9500 update for sex.Detective Chief Inspector Paul Fullwood, head of Cambridgeshire Police's serious and organised crime unit, said women were held in "appalling conditions".The question is, would legalisation, and the regulations that would come with it, benefit the industry and the people who it affects?