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Check your bulbs frequently and change burnt bulbs promptly.
How do you replace a taillight?
It is the light showing " Brake P I Anti-lock Brake System shows letters "ABS" light.Popular Answer, didn't find what you were looking for?Was this answer helpful?These will be located to the left of the unit on the passenger's side and the right of the unit on the driver's side.If it is ABS light, then there is something wrong with your Anti-lock Brake System.Install the new unit by connecting it to the electrical connection and reinstalling the pins.Your basic taillight replacement will be an Original Equipment Manufacturer, or OEM, unit produced or distributed by Ford.

It has a deep red color to easily alert other motorists that you are slowing down.
To replace the bulbs themselves, simply remove the socket from the fixture, remove the bulb from the socket, and replace the old bulb with the new as instructed below.
When you are driving, the brake fluid in the reservoir shakes, turning the light on and off when fluid is low.If you'd prefer to go with an LED replacement, the only option is an aftermarket kit.If you need to replace the entire unit, here is how you.For all the benefits it provides, replacing either your taillight bulb or the entire taillight fixture is quite easy.Be careful not to touch the bulb directly with your fingers when you replace the center brake light bulb on your Escort, touching the bulb causes the it to burn out quicker.Get it in front of 160 million buyers.

Carbon/Blacked-out: This custom taillight replaces the original lens with a custom dark-colored lens.
Not the brake pads or the brake fluid.
Remove the taillight unit from the body of the vehicle and disconnect the electrical connection.