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Australians will learn the results of the survey Wednesday 15 November (Picture: AFP/Getty Images).
Australians will learn the results.But certainly what the ABS does is we do surveys and we produce statistics.")."We have a swear jar here Kalisch explains.In the month after the same-sex marriage survey was announced, staff met twice a day, seven days a week to get plans in place.Neighbour from hell dumps out entire wheelie bin on next driveway.

November 7 the final deadline to return surveys.
Puppy puts loving paw on sister's back as she's treated at the vets.
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Officials say almost 80 percent of the potential voters responded and opinion polls are predicting a win for the yes campaign.What happens after the results come in?When the Senate twice rejected the government's plan, the Coalition turned to the ABS to run a survey instead.Magda Szubanski, an Australian actor and marriage equality advocate, says she has been subjected to vile homophobia.While the ABS began processing responses in September, it will not finalise the results until early next week.Kalisch stresses the ABS has also taken extra steps around cyber security.The Australian statistician was on his way back to Canberra from a business trip in Launceston when he got a call saying Treasurer Scott Morrison wanted a word.

Meanwhile, Labor has pledged to enact the same-sex marriage laws within 100 days if they were to win government.
Kalisch has built his career around data, at the oecd, Productivity Commission and Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.
The final parliamentary sitting day for the year is December.