armed escort out of the tropicana casino

Eventually, he makes it to the chopper and is whisked away.
By this time, Jesus Campos is knocking on the door.
He sees when big money is moving, missing, and back again. .
He doesnt want to die.
Now the US op is underway.This 4Chan poster says that Paddock was killed I dont believe that I think his death was staged to compensate for him being exposed as a CIA asset.He meets a couple of assassins ahead of time (remember, the shooting starts boy meets girl sex at 10:05).I guarantee its already happening.9:28 PM Trump News 24/7 @MichaelDelauzon 5h5 hours ago 9:35 PM Bloomberg @business 4h4 hours ago Major hotels are being forced to grapple with politics in Saudi Arabia, China, and the.S.

Hes a huge partner of Rupert Murdoch.
Bankrolled Elena Kagen and Larry Summers.
The opposition is based on ossification.
After the show I dug deeper.
(I didnt know that part until after the show and I received a missing piece of info.You cant just oust pals of Soros, Bush, and the Clintons and not see consequences.The Arabic AlIthad News later"d a Saudi Royal Court release saying that the Saudi royal family mourned the death of the prince who died.They know exactly what they are doing 9:57 PM Trump: Great confidence in Saudi anti-corruption push In a two-part Twitter message sent from Tokyo, Trump said he has great confidence in King Salman and the crown prince, adding some of the arrested people have been.Let me go to the other room and break that window and shoot at the fuel tanks at a nearby airport.He was following the money.(Sun TSU) Then he said he was going to war for Trump.In the wake of recent events in Saudi Arabia, rumors in regards to such are being disseminated across social media and online platforms.