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Other STD's are also prevalent.
Some STDs can be transmitted even when condom is used.Later on, however, the moralities had loosened up, and despite the official prohibitions, prostitution was prospering in Amsterdam.As a general rule, you do not get better service for the higher price - providers have a base rate and normally stick.This is somewhat negotiable, but usually not by much.

These offered more luxurious and exuberant establishment where clients could amuse themselves talking and dancing with the ladies.
Initially brothels were very common, but they soon developed into gambling houses and musico's.
Obviously, some women who work there are happy with their choice of career, while others would prefer another job if their circumstances were different.
Conclusion, globalization of Prostitution.
1999: Sweden takes a feminest approach.Happy ones give better service.Many providers rely on you not being explicit during negotiation, and try to kuhio ave waikiki prostitutes get you to pay more for various extras once you're in the room (including seemingly obvious ones like taking off a bra).Here in Amsterdam it also goes back for centuries.Prices : as of 2011 in the RLD windows, prices are in the 30-50 EUR range for 1-shot (usually 15 min and up to 100 EUR for special services.If you encounter this, there's not much you can do except respect their boundaries (however silly) and stick to the basic service.Most providers are well-informed and take regular STD tests, although they are not mandatory.BTW for future reference: the STI rates under males and transgenders are even higher.

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How common are they in Amsterdam?
Source: rivm 2005 (rivm is the Dutch Public Health authority).